Lizards and Geckos and Snakes, oh my!

It started simply enough. Joy asked me a question about genetics. I’ve got a reasonable understanding of punnet squares, dominant, and recessive genes. But explaining those things to a (then) preteen was tripping me up. In our homeschooling years, I’d found Youtube could be a useful resource. So, I went searching online for a kid-friendly video that would explain the basics.

I found a lively blonde gal who was explaining these principles in reference to her pet snakes. Her screen presence was cheerful and her explanations were easy to follow. Even better, the snakes she was breeding were more interesting than peas. Huzzah! Little did I know that those couple of videos on genetics in snakes would lead to a minor obsession for my kids. Her channel, “Snake Discovery”*, is regular viewing for the children now and has been for a couple of years. Joy wants a hognose snake or crested gecko. Constance liked a baby leopard gecko that she got to hold last year, mostly because it was a baby and “cute”. Nerdling likes the videos, too, but not nearly as much as the girls.

The channel is educational, but my favorite part is the primary presenter, Emily. She’s smart and geeky and totally owns her passion for reptiles. It’s good to see someone who is so unapologetically enthusiastic. I frequently hide my inner nerd. I’m strangely fascinated by disaster: tornados, earthquakes, volcanoes, engineering fails, etc. But, that’s weird, right? So, I don’t usually own up to that outside of my own family. I love that Joy, Constance, and Nerdling can see someone like Emily proudly display her delight.


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