Norway and Not-Bunnies

We took the family to Norway for spring break. And, shockingly, it is spring in Norway. Snow was rarely seen and only in patches in the shade. We saw lots of little spring flowers in bloom and the trees budding out.

One of my favorite things was a fjord cruise. I love being out on the beach or on boats. Water makes me happy. It was the very beginning of the season for these cruises, so we were very nearly the only passengers. Landry and the kids even got to go up on the bridge and see how the ship is steered.

The only real downside to the trip was how expensive everything was. We usually let the kids get souvenirs for five dollars or the equivalent thereof. But that really wouldn’t have gotten them anything in Norway. Instead, we got them warm winter hats. I was even able to find a nice pair of natural fiber gloves and matching hat. I have a pair of wool(?) gloves I bought years ago, but they’re getting ratty. However, I’ve continued to wear them, because even when wet, they are warm. You don’t get that with synthetic fibers.

We took the kids to a little reptile zoo in Oslo one day. Landry had discovered that we could go at feeding time. That turned out to be a little traumatic for Constance. She absolutely adores bunnies. Do you see where this is going? The largest python they have only gets fed about once every five weeks. That meal is therefore quite large. Constance was horrified to see the (I don’t remember if it was a reticulated or a Burmese) python eating one of her favorite animals. She turned away from that enclosure and resolutely ignored it the rest of the visit. Nerdling teased her about that, as little brothers are wont to do. She said quite adamantly that it was a rabbit, not a bunny.

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