Working, working

Yep. I’ve been writing. It just hasn’t been here. I’m working on another short story for an anthology. It’s at the point of edits on the rough draft and kicking it out to a couple of beta readers. Landry will give it a look later. Today, hopefully.

It’s kind of scary sending my work to other people. I’m always worried I’ll be told the story doesn’t work at a basic level and needs major rewrites or that my vision is completely unworkable. Mind you, this has never happened. Writers are a nervous bunch.

In other news, it looks like I landed a job with more regular hours and a higher pay rate. Yay me! I thought I did horribly in the interview by not being adequately prepared. Then, one of the interviewers let slip the next day that she thought I did really well. My jaw fell open to hear that.

I’m hoping to blog more regularly after my rewrites are done.

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