Musing on Country Music

I’ve been on a country music kick this week. Mostly the stuff that was popular when I was in college (ahem) years ago. It recalls a time when my life, and maybe life in general, was simpler. I’ve often thought of Carolyn Dawn Johnson’s ballad “Simple Life” as the theme song of my life:

“I have traveled this world far and wide, been all the way around to the other side, still there’s nothing like coming home, live the simple life”.

I’ve seen more of this globe than I ever hoped to do. Most American’s hope to make it to Europe once in their life, if that. Or just Hawaii. It’s still America, but different enough to be exotic. I’m grateful for what I’ve seen and done. I’m also ready to settle down somewhere: grow a garden, raise some chickens.

Miranda Lambert is one of my current favorites, though. She’s sassy, cute, and a good musician. I’d really love to see a collaboration with her and Amy Lee. No, wait! Hear me out.

It’s always struck me as odd that a song with the line “You never call me when you’re sober” isn’t a country song. I’d love to hear Miranda’s version of it. It might take a little rearranging because it’s not really structured like a typical country ditty. I think it would be freaking awesome, though.

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