The Brain and the Magpies

There are lots of little birds in this neighborhood. I’ve been trying to learn about the kinds of birds we have here. There are a LOT of doves. I’d call them ring-necks but, google says they don’t live here. It’s some other variety that looks almost exactly the same. They say ‘Hoo HOO hu’ all the time. I used to think that was an owl I was hearing. After sitting outside several evenings, I know better.

We have another sort of bird. I haven’t gotten an ID on them, yet. They’re small and round. And they like to sit in one of our shrubs and gab over seeds. They frighten easily, so I’ve not even got a good look at one.

There is also a pair of Magpies in the backyard. They like to tease the Brain when he slips outside. I can tell when the game is afoot from their cackling. They land near him and cackle loudly. They know they’re faster to get in the air than he can turn and snag them. At least, they hope they’re faster. The Brain is getting on in years, but I think he’s a bit sneaky. I can see it in his posture when they’re teasing him. He’s measuring the distance, gauging just how quickly he could snag one of them. He’s hoping that one of these days they will get cocky and he will be waiting. I may hear “cackle,cackle,cackle, SQUAWK”.

I hope he doesn’t catch one. It’s fun to watch them entertain each other.

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