New Year: 2023 is incoming

A post by author Cedar Sanderson over at the Mad Genius Club has me thinking about goals. What are my goals for the new year?

I didn’t exactly plan to get published this last year. Or start a new job. But here we are.

I’d like to finally tackle finishing my science fiction story that I started ages ago. Maybe that will be my first novel(la) that I publish independently. Yes, that is the goal for my writing this coming year. I started writing it back in college while I was working at a job that had a lot of down time of just desk-sitting and waiting for a phone to ring.

I wrote a snippet for one of the characters and submitted it as a short story to Raconteur Press for the upcoming Space Cowboy anthology. I’d already established that this character had an outdoorsy upbringing, so it was fairly easy to work in the cowboy aspect. I don’t have word on acceptance yet. Whether it’s green-lighted for publishing in that project or not, it was time well-spent. I thought he was too passive. I’m seeing this character in new ways and fixing that passivity.

I also have to work on the muddle in the middle. The beginning and end have been clear for a long time. Bridging the two has been a challenge. I expect that having fleshed out my character will help here. If I have to, I’ll toss it to a feral structural editor and scream for mercy. When I joke about writing for my own enjoyment and torment, this is the story that torments me.

Anyway. Happy New Year, Auld Lang Syne, and “may the odds be ever in your favor”.

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