On the Cover…

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I submitted my short story, “Rocky Rodeo”, before I knew there would be more than one volume of “Space Cowboys” from Raconteur Press. After Lawdog announced the title for this volume, I figured it a happy coincidence. Hey, a nice little home for my story somewhere in the middle. Still being very much the newb, I’ve been quite happy just to have some stories published and be #TeamAndMore.

I got my contract for Electric Boogaloo Rodeo. Huzzah! I signed and sent it back, promptly. No one wants to be the author that holds up publication. But something funny was going on. CV Walter was doing little teases of the cover. No names, just egg-shaped moon, cow, cowboy. Next day: a little more cow, a little more lunar landscape. Lawdog and company do little podcasts a couple times a week. I don’t live anywhere near Itchy Paw (Raconteur HQ). So I tuned into the podcast Tuesday before the Friday publication date and asked “When do we get to see the whole cover?” in the live chat.


“Go look at PubShare,” Cedar Sanderson told me.

I hopped over to that site on another tab, immediately. And the cover was a bit grainy on PubShare, but… Is that two Ts on the first name? Tuvela Thomas? No, it’s gotta be someone else. Let’s see… Rick Cutler, Kelly Grayson and that’s… definitely Thomas. Me. That’s me. My name is first.

It’s probably a good thing I was sitting down. I’ve only just gotten used to the idea that someone might want to read what I write. It’s several days later and I’m still not sure how to react. I know far better authors who’ve been floored by discovering themselves on the cover of an anthology (I’m looking at you, Dot!).

I’m glad it was liked, because I have plans for Jonathon Claymore…

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