When things got serious with Landry, I knew we’d move around a bit.  It was the nature of his job and necessary for advancement.  But, I never imagined how far we would go.  We’ve lived in Europe for five years out of the last seven.  Our kids have lived overseas longer than they’ve lived in the United States.  And we travel… a lot.

We home schooled for most of that time so we had the flexibility to pick up and go when the urge hit us.  Well, that makes us sound spontaneous, which isn’t really accurate.  Landry does plan our travel.  All of that to say, I’ve been places and seen things I never imagined I would.  It’s an amazing opportunity to explore so much of this little green ball with a beautiful family.

Landry is my husband of eleven years.  We met online before it was cool.  For the first few years, I cringed when people asked how we met.  Everyone meets online now and no one thinks anything of it.  I think I fell in love the moment I read his profile.  He was smart and funny and geeky.  Maybe not love, exactly.  It was more a keen, driving interest.  It was our second date when I knew something was different.  That date was weeks after the first, because it was a long-distance relationship.  After Landry dropped me off at home that night, it felt so strange to me that he wasn’t there.  That was an odd, because I’m extremely independent.  My world had changed shape in a matter of hours.

Joy is our oldest daughter.  At ten years old, she’s lost some of her joie de vivre and entered tweeny angst.  But, upon occasion she bounces back to her happy-go-lucky self, which warms my heart.  A friend once said that Joy treads lightly upon this earth.  I love her courage in making new friends and her desire to learn.

Constance is our seven year old.  We can only pray she uses her powers for good.  Her record for a toddler tantrum was two solid hours and she has a shriek that could curdle the blood of a banshee.  And yet, she moves with gossamer grace.  She is a child of contrasts.

Nerdling the Third is our son.  He’s four and all boy.  Nerdling loves cars, trucks, trains, and basically anything that rumbles as it goes.  He’s a cheerful, easy-going fellow with a high-beam smile.

I love our little family.  It’s everything I could have ever asked for.  Getting to see the world with them is gravy on the biscuits.

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