Calculator Truffles

It takes a while to get used to cooking overseas.  The temperatures on the oven are in Celcius, the ingredients are different, and the measurements on the packaging are metric.  I don’t mind the metric system, but almost all of my cookbooks are in cups and ounces.  My personal favorite was the box of cream labeled 200 grams.  Yep.  A liquid ingredient was measured in grams.  I have to say, I’m leaning into my Alton Brown cookbooks more since living here.  He’s usually got metric and standard side by side.  Bravo.

Now, for general cooking, I don’t use cookbooks much.  And, in cooking you can fudge a bit and still come up with an edible.  Baking is a whole different animal.  If you take liberties with baking, it’ll bite you.  If the cookbook comes out, so do the measuring cups,  the food scale, and the calculator.  I actually used the calculator!!   The recipe called for a half cup of cream, and I had a box of cream in grams.  And it all hinged on how much dairy I was going to use.  I don’t use heavy cream very often, so I wanted to use all 200 grams of it.  For those who would like to know, that’s about 200 mL or 0.82 cups.  Fortunately, I had a teacher in school who insisted we learn how to do measurement conversions.  Thank you, Mrs. S, wherever you are.

And then came the weighing, chopping, stirring, and rolling.  The truffles came out well.  So well, in fact, that someone asked for the recipe.  I can pass along the recipe, but they have to supply their own calculator.

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