Otherwise occupied

I started this blog thinking I’d write a couple times a week.  More when the kids were in school.

We spent some of the summer break traveling in Asia.  And then I had all three kids underfoot for the duration of summer.  And I got into a fitness kick, because you can’t call it “baby weight” when your baby is in preschool.  Just as the kids got back to school and my fitness program was winding down, Landry called.  He’d found a very young kitten and what should he do?  Apparently, I’m a sucker, cause I said I’d take it in.  Little did I know that the youngster had two siblings hiding in the tall grass.  They were dehydrated and had a few fleas.  Otherwise they were in decent shape, but no more than 12 days old.  I’d forgotten how awful it is to get up every few hours to feed babies.  Before this, I was pretty sure I didn’t want more babies.  I’m quite certain now.

They’ll be old enough to give away next week.  Hallelujah.  So, I’m blitzing facebook and every local newsletter I can get my paws on to post an ad.  The little critters melt my heart when they curl up in my hands and purr.  If I could bottle that feeling, it would be the best anti-depressant ever.  I’d keep one if we didn’t already have two pets.  My cat spent the first few weeks the kittens were in the house hissing at me.  I smelled like “other kitty”.  He’s recently forgiven my indiscretions and he’s trying to make up for lost time.

Anywho, I suppose this is a really long way of saying: I’ve been busy and I plan to post more frequently.  I have been writing a bit on my novel; I’m up to 23,000 words.  It’s interesting how the story, which has lived in my head for nigh on 20 years has shifted once it’s out of my head and on paper.  I also plan to post a couple of short stories here someday soon.  If you’re good readers, you might even get to meet Earl.

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