Writing prompts

I’m trying to write everyday.  I have some large projects in the works, but I tend to get stuck on them.  Part of my reason for writing a blog is to get better at writing and finishing these things.  It’s really frustrating to have the beginning and the end of a story and really struggle with the middle, which is generally what happens.  In that endeavor of writing everyday, I thought I’d use prompts occasionally.

This prompt comes from http://writingexercises.co.uk/

“Write about a challenge you face.”

I have to admit, I’m a little tired and I thought it said to write about a problem with my face.  Well, that’s a little personal… and insulting.  Is the webcam on and is someone screwing with me?

No to both.  I’m just up later than I should be.

Language is a challenge.  I’ve never been what one would consider a linguist.  I’ve learned through traveling that language sticks better when it’s actually needed and used.  The blessing and curse I have is that I have a fair ear for mimicry.  I sound like I know a heck of a lot more than I do.   I’m sure that my gift would be a real asset if I could actually converse with people.

Fitness is a challenge.  I hated physical education growing up.  I sucked at sports and running.  So, PE was basically 40 minutes a day of public humiliation.  How to illustrate just the level of suck-age I’m talking about?  I played tennis in high school for two years.  My friend talked me into coming because there weren’t enough people to fill the roster.  I played the whole season.  The second year I went out, we had some new team mates.  They’d never touched rackets before in their lives.  And by the end of the second week, they were playing better than me.  Awesome.  For the record, I did finish the second season.  And, for lack of better players, I got a letter, too.  I never bothered with a jacket though.  It seemed foolish to invest in such a thing, when I’d only have one activity on there.


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