Gym mirrors and Narcissus

As I’ve alluded to in my last few posts, I’ve been hitting the gym lately.  As much as I hate playing sports and running, I’ve learned I do like to lift weights.  There’s something satisfying about moving something heavy.  It’s much more satisfying than running miles and never seeing the scenery change, for example.  The weights don’t go anywhere either.  Up and down.  But, somehow that’s way better than running over the same 10 feet of conveyer belt over and over.

Mirrors. I always figured the ubiquitous mirrors were there so the guys could check out the girls.  Landry says the mirrors are there to check form.  Realistically, it’s both.  But after working out for months, I’ve noticed another purpose.  The guys check themselves out.  I’m not just talking form.  One dude walked up to the mirror, lifted his sleeve and flexed.  Okay, maybe he was checking for symmetry.  After that, I started watching for it.  I’ve now seen men checking their leg muscles, six-packs and -get this- teeth.  My personal favorite was the guy who was admiring his keg.

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