Favorite places

Another writing prompt from http://writingexercises.co.uk/ .

“Describe your favourite place using all five senses.”

I like this one, because it allows you to remember.  Who doesn’t like to wander in memories of golden times?  Perhaps, not everyone.  Such places are tinged in sorrow.  They are favorites because of things that were, not things that are.  Or, is that just me, I wonder?

I have two candidates in mind.  The old family farm, which is no longer in the family, is one.  It’s the first place I remember being captured by beauty.  I stood in awe and let that feeling resonate within my soul.  Looking back now, I’m not so sure what it was about that place that touched me so deeply.  It’s a humble farm.  There are thousands like it.  The old barn was in a state of disrepair such that it fell down not long after.  The farmhouse wasn’t in much better shape.  My memories are really too hazy to do the place justice, anyway.

We lived in Bavaria for a brief time.  This is the south eastern ‘state’ of Germany; it borders with Austria.  If you’ve seen ‘Sound of Music’, then you have the right general idea.  The area we lived in was made up of narrow glacial valleys of grey granite.  Driving down the highway for the first time was enchanting.  As tired as I was from jet lag, I was still touched by the charm of the villages that unfolded around us.


The buildings are almost uniformly two colors: cream and chocolate brown.  You’d think that would turn monotonous almost immediately.  But somehow the Bavarians have made these colors joyful.  The similarity of hue allow the architectural details to leap out.  And, oh, the window boxes.  Window boxes of riotously colorful flowers trail from every balcony and railing.  Village churches are narrow buildings with onion domes on top.  Every fifth building, or so, has a fresco somewhere on the outside.  Perhaps, it is a sort of fanciful picture frame around a window.  I’m joyful when we get to visit Bavaria.  Except when we leave.  I become very cantankerous when it’s time to go away, again.  If Landry and I ever settle down, I’d like to build a Bavarian-style home.  There’s even a Pinterest page, where I gather my ideas.

adventure alpine alps architecture
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There are little flowers that grow in the grass.  They’re weeds, really.  A bright yellow and lilac purple flowers pop up all around.  If I ever get around to making a dirndl, I want it in these colors: purple with pops of yellow.  Little bees buzz among these flowers in the spring and summer.  Being in the mountain valleys, the air is generally cool and it rains a lot.  But, those days that are sunny are golden.  I’ve stood there with my eyes closed, letting the warm sun soak into my very soul.  I’ve never felt more at home anywhere.  It’s like the very earth sings to me that I’m where I belong, that all is right, and I am loved.

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