Channeling my creative energies

Yarn is a good friend of mine even if it does knot and snarl occasionally.  I crochet mostly.  I can knit… sort of.  I remember sitting and watching my great aunt crochet a blanket.  She was making multiple small squares (that’s ‘blocks’ in the trade) in what’s called an afghan stitch that would later make into a blanket.  I’d never seen anyone crochet before.  I was hooked.  My mom dug into the cedar chest and hauled out some yarn she’d never used and an instruction book on fiber craft (she used to knit, it turned out).  And I think we went to Michaels so I could get some hooks.  I spent long ours making destroying and remaking squares of various stitches.

The repetition is soothing.  I can sit for hours watching TV, movies, or youtube and let the yarn flow over and through my fingers.  I made twin-sized blankets for both my girls.  Joy’s is in uber bright colors in a subtle basket weave stitch.  Constance’s is repeating squares of beige with vivid color blossoming from their centers.  Those took months and after they were done, I took a long break from crocheting.  But Nerdling needs his blanket, too.  I bought yarn months ago, maybe more than a year.  And I did a couple of sample hexagons.  His will be a very geometric design.  I’m trying to make his blanket with an eye to aging.  Trucks and planes would be cute now, but embarrassing someday.  He likes it a lot and he’s curious about the process.

I want to write more, but crochet and other fiber craft seem to be what I need now.

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