Does Moving Have a Smell?

Does moving have a smell?  It’s a serious question.  I went to a friend’s house tonight to say a tearful farewell.  Upon entering, it struck me.  I used to think it was the scent of cardboard I associated with moving.  But the boxes aren’t there yet; The movers come later this month.

So, what is it?  Is it the dust from things being shifted around?  Am I smelling the stress?  Because, they say some with a finely tuned nose can smell the pheromones associated with feelings.  Not that I’ve ever had a great nose.  So, maybe not.  Maybe it’s not even a smell, but the openness that comes from starting to pack things away before the movers come.  But, it’s as much a smell as anything.

That smell fills me with such dread.  Confession:  I hate moving.  The life Landry and I lead means a lot of moving.  I do love seeing new places.  But I hate the purging that has to happen, all the decisions, the inevitable bitter farewells, the logistics of getting from A to B.  All I know is when I smell that ‘thing’, I’m filled with anxiety.

It’s not me moving this time, but my friend down the street.  We’ve been there for each other a lot in the last couple of years.  Moving does have a smell.  It’s the smell of saying goodbye.

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