Wheels keep on turning

In the US, I never had to worry about summer and winter tires. Most of the places I lived, it didn’t snow more than a flurry, if that, in winter. However, everywhere we’ve been in Europe, there are rules about summer and winter tires.

I went in today to get the tires changed out. There was a stack of tires in the garage and I just grabbed four and plopped them in and drove to the tire place. sigh. It would seem I was a little distracted when I did so. You see, I am in the middle of writing a short story and the scene I wrote this morning was suspenseful. I was still kind of half in that world most of the day. (I do a lot of plotting in my imagination.) So, when I was grabbing tires, I wasn’t checking that I had a matched set of four summer tires. I managed to grab the spare winter tire, too. Tomorrow I’ll have to rectify the situation so we actually have four summer tires on the car instead of 3 and 1.


At least labor is cheap here and it won’t cost more than a few dollars to change out that last tire to the right one.

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