Do you believe in love?

When you’re writing, you stir up feelings and memories. You try to draw from your own experience to make your characters more nuanced and relatable. Never more so than in talking about romantic love. We’ve all charted different courses in our romantic lives. Our attitudes can range from TRUE LOVE to it’s all just a biochemical reaction in our brains to perpetuate the species.

Deep down we want/crave/need love. We want someone to care for us and someone to care for. I tell my kids it’s easy to fall in love. It’s harder to stay in love. Where does that lasting regard and respect come from?

In the movie “Ever After” there’s a scene where an older couple are reunited when they thought they’d been separated forever. I’ve often said it’s the most profound scene in the film. Yes, Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott make a lovely onscreen couple. The story is a delightful take on the Cinderella tale. However, to be nearing the end of your life and want nothing more than your spouse at your side, to be overjoyed at an unexpected reunion…. Is that not a better representation of love than two young attractive people declaring their love for each other?

Now that I think of that scene further, it’s a taste of heaven, too. Don’t we all long to run into the arms of those loved ones who have passed before? That one little 30 second scene hits on a couple of levels. Profound, no?

Well, that’s enough sentimental rambling for me. I blame the red wine.

One thought on “Do you believe in love?”

  1. And communication… A true ‘key’ to a successful and loving relationship. And so few couples know how to actually do that.


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