See no evil…

Ah, yes. Strange news stories. My favorite part of the Jay Leno Tonight Show was Monday night “Headlines”. People would send him funny headlines or poor product placements from their local newspaper. I always meant to send in a box of Midol (you know, medicine for periods). On the back it says “do not take if you have difficulty in urination due to enlargement of a prostate gland”. Hmmm. If you have a prostate, you’re not going to bleed once a month.

Anywho. It seems some evidence disappeared from police custody in a murder trial in India. The evidence envelope with several items from the scene, including the murder weapon (!) was stolen. And that’s not SO strange. But the police say it was stolen by a monkey. Monkeys are little thieves. We were warned when we visited Thailand, not to trust the little kleptos.

Reading that far into the article, I assumed that a monkey got into the station somehow, raised unholy hell, and skipped off with a bag of loot. Nope. Not even close. Apparently, the police had no room for it at the station and were storing evidence under a tree. As in, outside. Are there no storage units in India?? I don’t know what the justice system is like in India, but I have to assume, they’re going to have to drop the charges.

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