We nearly ended up with a dog this weekend. We had a dog for 14 years, but she passed about 15 months ago. Landry and I swore we would wait until we were done living overseas to get another dog. It’s just too much hassle to move internationally with a dog and the CDC made it harder during the Vid. Like they didn’t have anything better to do…

But this is harder than one might think. There are strays all over. And when they live and stay in your block, you get kind of attached. A couple of pups showed up here last spring and various families kind of take care of them. I’m partial to Cassie. I’ve no idea what the mix is. I think she may have some border collie. She’ll be a great dog for someone, once she learns her manners.

Nerdling was out biking on Saturday and came back in a rush to tell Constance that Cassie had been hit by a car. We all went out looking for the pup, but she’d run off after being hit. We followed the drips of blood and lost the trail once she left the sidewalk. I’m no hunter/tracker. I worried and the kids worried. I might have cried after the kids went to bed.

Fortunately, she was found the next day. One of the other families took her to the vet. Cassie is a very lucky little dog. She got stitches on her foreleg and will need to be on antibiotics. I’m really relieved she will be okay. And, I’m really relieved it wasn’t us that found her. Because I know that if I’d taken her to the vet and nursed her through the healing, she would be very much our dog.

Brain would also like to express his relief that he won’t have to share his home with a half-grown puppy.

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