When we lost Pinky a few months ago, I put up fliers in the neighborhood. And I did get a few calls. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my cat, but a small girl kitty. She was nearly solid black and had a strong resemblance to Pinky other than size. The third time this happened, it had been weeks since my cat disappeared. I drove around the neighborhood and tore down the posters, crying the whole time.

Little look-alike kitty showed up in our yard the other night. I was sitting on the back porch reading and stopped when I heard a cat. She jumped down from a tree and came trotting up. I wonder if she remembered me from our earlier encounters. She wasn’t alone either. Two kittens were in the tree. Both white and brown-ish tabbies.

She’s thin and the babies are thin. As I was left without adult supervision, I went and got some food for them. The kittens were afraid of me until they smelled the food and began devouring what was set before them. Mama cat, bless her, held back and let her babies eat first. I put out a little pillow in a box on the back porch for them to sleep in. The first night, I think, went well. But, we have a lot of dogs that roam the neighborhood at night. I woke up to barking. I chased off the dogs that were in our yard. Mama moved the babies before morning. She had moved them to a small portion of our yard that is fenced (it has utility boxes, etc.).

I thought that would be plenty safe and approved her choice. The next night I was awakened again. Not by barking exactly. Deep bass thuds. My first thought was that I was hearing distant artillery. Now, in my part of the world, that was a plausible explanation. Plausible enough that I got an adrenaline dump. I got up and went down to listen at the door and realized that wasn’t what I was hearing. I ran outside and a couple of the dogs were determinedly trying to get under the fence to get at the kittens. I yelled at them and the dogs took off. Mama and babies are okay, but they’ve gone back to sleeping in trees. It’s safer there. There are a lot of trees in our yard, so they usually choose a new one each night. And I’m still feeding them. The kittens are starting to be less afraid of people since they are getting pets during noms each day.

Mama cat has been dubbed Molasses because she is dark and sweet. I’ve been asking around if anyone wants a kitten or two. No luck, yet. But then, the kittens are still a bit too young to leave Molasses’ care. Hopefully, I can find a sucker to take them. Maybe Mama, too.

Molasses and slightly more white tabby boy
A bit more gray with a spot on his nose boy

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