No need to bless me, that wasn’t a sneeze. It is a fishing town and port on the east side of the island. Even in the off season, there was a little bit of a touristy vibe to it. Just so, it’s still well worth the visit.

The ships are painted beautifully in a traditional style with vivid colors and eyes on the bow. We had a light lunch on the waterfront. The good weather held for us our entire stay and we were glad for the shade of the umbrella over the table. We walked around and took pictures and looked at the trinkets on sale. Lunch was very reasonably priced, but the service was quite slow. The restaurant was frankly slammed with many people out to enjoy the fine day.

While waiting for the food we tried to decide how fisherman get to their boats anchored out in the water away from the edges. Apparently, they catch a ride in one of the little rowboats in the foreground on the right.

We were also wondering why an anchor this large would be right next to the promenade in shallow water…

It’s 4 ‘ by 6’ if I had to guess. It’s much too huge for any of the little boats we saw close to shore. Anybody got a guess? We didn’t notice any others.

Love the dragon!

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