Xerri’s Grotto

When Raconteur Press first issued their open call for the Malta Anthology project, I was intrigued. Lawdog’s enthusiasm for Malta is infectious. You start to think that anything could happen on those islands. It’s been an amazing setting for a wide array of stories in Ghosts of Malta, Knights of Malta, and Saints of Malta. What was supposed to be (maybe) one anthology has stretched into four. Falcons of Malta has been confirmed as a go.

Anyway, I spent some time learning about the place and the caves drew me in. I really, truly have always liked caves. I decanted a little of myself into Maggie, the main character in the anthologies. A lot of the action in my Malta stories happen underground. Those stories can be found in Knights of Malta and Saints of Malta.

When we travel as a family, fairly often we visit the local caves. Our trip to Malta could hardly be an exception now could it? On our day trip to Gozo we headed to Xerri’s Grotto in Xaghra. For a small fee, you can go down into this cave that was discovered while a well was being dug.

You wind down the narrow spiral down into the cave space. It was originally only really tall enough to crawl, but a bit of the floor was excavated and lighting was added. Voila! A family business run from home.

Why am I suddenly hungry for bacon?

The tour takes about 15 minutes and costs a small fee. We were encouraged to take pictures and our guide pointed out some features to us.

The stalactites and column are quite fetching, don’t you think?

If you’re into caves and happen to be on Gozo, I recommend a visit to Xerri’s Grotto. I did take more photos, but these are the best.

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