Life and the job app that wouldn’t die

Sometimes the creative pursuits just don’t happen. Or they take a different form. I’ve done a little embroidery in my creative time lately. I started writing on a little short story that may go nowhere but has some fun possibilities. Mostly, though, I’ve been working the day job and taking care of my family. Hmm, not sure where I was going with that. Ah, yes. I haven’t written here much in a week or two. (Actively decides not to check.)

I’ve also been working on a job app. It looked simple enough. Your education and work experience. Your life story. How exactly would you perform said job with notes, footnotes, itemized lists, and agendas, etc. It’s all completely valid questions, though. If I’d ever worked in that sort of position before, it wouldn’t take long to pull it all together. But I haven’t. It would be a stretch for me, but a manageable one. Like, I’m reasonably confident I could do this job well, maybe even have a little fun by slipping in my weird little sense of humor. Getting this job would be awesome, but it would also mean an awful lot of study over the next several months. I wanted those months to use to work on a novel. We also need to really start to thin the household for the upcoming move. Heaven knows I don’t want to schlep ALL this crap back to the USA.

I’ll be blogging when I have time or when I’m procrastinating on something. Cross your fingers and say a prayer I get the job. Or not. It’s up to you.

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